FA1 – Introduction to Financial Accounting

FA1 - Introduction to Financial Accounting

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In this Module we explore accounting terminology and learn to prepare the income statement, statement of changes in shareholders’ equity, and the balance sheet. Basic financial ratios are analyzed.

24 thoughts on “FA1 – Introduction to Financial Accounting”

  1. Hello Tony: I am a software engineer and work/live in Canada. I want to teach myself Financial Accounting in my spare time. I’ve heard that accounting in Canada follows IFRS. Do you think what covered in this playlist are applicable in Canada too? Most of online videos I found are round GAAP, a US standard, and I am worried what I’ve learned may differ from what we should use in Canada. Thx!

    1. At this level, these videos should be fine for anyone learning IFRS, Canadian GAAP, or US GAAP. It’s when you get into intermediate accounting that things start to diverge – but for someone just learning, these videos will serve you well no matter which “version” of GAAP you are learning….

    2. @Tony Bell Thank you for the clarification. My plan is to acquire equivalent knowledge as Financial Accounting 1 course taught at Canadian colleges. Guess Financial Accounting 2 will be considered as ‘intermediate accounting’ you referred above?

  2. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! This is an old video but it totally helped me. I was getting so discouraged in my accounting class because i wanted to get my CFP but I just couldn’t understand the concepts. Mainly because my university’s way of teaching is to give you a text book, make you read it, and then take a quiz. I feel like I learned more in this video than I have in 3 years at my university! Super informative and i look forward to binge watching this whole series 100million times until I’ve burned it into my brain. THANK YOU!!!!

  3. This series was great. I passed my accounting class thanks to Tony. I’ll be back for the managerial accounting series when I take that class. I 1000/10 recommend watching this series if you’re struggling in financial accounting. Thanks Tony!

  4. Рабия Салманзаде

    I have started preparing to FA. It’s my first time in this channel. I enjoyed the 1st lesson so much! Thank you🙏

  5. Keith Zanders

    50 year old MBA appreciating your presentation and knowledge. I don’t get to use this material everyday so it was a nice refresher for me.

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