Understanding Financial Statements and Accounting: Crash Course Entrepreneurship #15

Understanding Financial Statements and Accounting: Crash Course Entrepreneurship #15

Honestly, “spreadsheets” are kind of the vegetables of the business world — the very idea of them makes some people queasy. But that’s ok! They can be intimidating, but they’re not impossible to understand. Today we’re going to learn to love ‘em, because basic accounting can make or break a business. If we lose track of expenses or overestimate a revenue stream, we might end up questioning where all the money has gone.

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20 thoughts on “Understanding Financial Statements and Accounting: Crash Course Entrepreneurship #15”

  1. equity could also mean liability (creditors’ equity) and the owner’s equity. in that case, “capital” is more preferrable than owner’s equity

  2. at 6:20, it is more common to use assets = liabilities + equity (i would have used the term capital) because in order of payment, creditors are paid first with assets and then owners

  3. Real Cosmic Attitude

    I know that all of the sections of a financial statement are important but my question to you is which section is the most important to review quarterly or whenever?

  4. Mikaela Cotia

    this is helping me so much oh my god thank you ! college life online is not it.. but this helped me so THANKS !

  5. Christler Capuyan

    Well said explain, learn alot in this short clip, the start seem to off rhythm but as it goes along instructor has it then, looking forward to see more clip to start my business right away, your welcome and thank you as well. Done subscription.

  6. lol what?! Ana Akana from Equals Three?! Never Thought to see her hosting an Accounting Course! She’s a comedy genius!

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